Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle....

So being the uber athlete I am (HA!) I decided that I would mix it up a little and run the stadium stairs. Luckily, I chose the little city baseball stadium and NOT the AU arena. After a few flights, I literally started seeing stars! ****SPARKLING****EVERYWHERE**** I stopped and laid down on the bleachers until the feeling passed. It went by pretty fast and I felt good....until I went to sit up and my hair stuck to the bleacher! UGH! I think it was a spilled Coke...I'm going to go with that :O/
On that note, the workout was over and I drove straight home and got in the shower. I felt contaminated and fat. Now I am watching The Biggest Loser and eating peanut butter cookies with mini chocolate chips....very disordered, I know.
I would also like to register my complaint with the person in charge of the time change...it is officially crap. No one gets any extra sleep and the early sunset is depressing. Boo Winter!!
On the opposite note, how much do we love the Patriot Guard? These are the Veterans (and others) who provide escorts for the families of soldiers and sailors who have died. They protect them against hate groups that protest at funerals with horrible signs and hate filled chants. Thank you Patriot Guard!!!


  1. Running stadium stairs is a great idea! Yes, definitely one that would cause me to vomit, but a terrific idea nonetheless!

  2. Wait, you mean running up and down my own stairs doesn't count as a workout? ;)