Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Well kids, I will be gone for 3 weeks.
My Mother is having her knee replaced and I have
been called in for some private duty nursing.
I am also sad to report that she lives in the last place
on earth that does not have a high-speed internet
connection or cell phone service! It is hard to
believe that such a place exists isn't it?
I might be able to sneak in a little Facebook or
Twitter if I am sent to Wal-mart or something, but
otherwise I am cut off from the outside world.
I will miss reading all the blogs, and I will be
looking forward to getting home and catching up!
love you, miss you!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Must love dogs...

My friend V. put a post on Facebook earlier today about the her husband and kids wanting a dog.
I, of course, had to throw my vote in for a Frenchie! You would have thought I had dropped a bomb on her wall! She got about 30 responses begging her to adopt from a shelter and not succomb to the pressure of "buying a designer dog." How dare I suggest buying a pure bred dog?!?
Now listen up...I would put myself at the top of the list when it comes to people who love dogs...all kinds!
It just seems weird to me that there is such a stigma against pure bred dogs! Am I supposed to be ashamed that I chose a breed that was suitable to my lifestyle, hopelessly cute and paid more than a shelter adoption fee for her? Yes, I support adopting shelter dogs! They are wonderful dogs...but not because they are from a shelter, BUT BECAUSE ALL DOGS ARE WONDERFUL AND DESERVE A HOME!
So yes V., get a dog...any dog...whatever kind you like!

I am a cutter...

I love tan feet with pretty
toenails, but I have a slight problem. I am a cutter.
I have a weird hang-up with nails that are long. This
"feeling" turned into a full-on phobia when I was in
nursing school and was introduced to the full array
of things that could get trapped under fingernails
and toenails...and how long they grow if neglected.
After a few run-ins with people who have not cut
their toenails for years, I began developing a strange
habit. I started cutting my fingernails and toenails
everyday. Not good. They are painfully short at
times but I find it hard to stop myself.
Anyway, I said all of that to say friend Amy
asked me to go with her to get a pedicure this Friday
and I almost had a panic attack. I barely have enough
nails to paint, must less form into something attractive!
So I have not cut my toenails in a week. This is like
an alkie trying to give up the booze! I don't know if
I can make it until Friday!
I am trying not to think about it, but I can almost feel
the fungi multiplying and the nail beds thickening
even as we speak! So gross! Maybe Robert will
let me cut his toenails....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

All done!

So Thursday night was my last night at work. I went to the RN program at that hospital and then worked nights in the ER for 8 years and 20 days. It was a small hospital in a small town, and everybody was related or knew each other in some way. I love that.
I look back and think about the endless stream of people that I cared for. I was lucky enough to save some lives and I have been blessed to be with many when they died.
I am thankful for that place and for those people who have helped me become who I am. I am grateful to those who have shown me the kind of person I never want to be.
I had a great send-off. Lots of delicious food and kind words, but my last night was a busy one, and reminded me that I am leaving to find a more peaceful place.
My husband and I have spent the last 20 years living passing lives. In total, he has spent about 5 years of our marriage deployed overseas and another 5 out of port on training trips or work-ups. This pace has worn us out!
Our house went up for sale today...we are all done here, we are moving out and moving on!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Learning to fly...

I just got through watching an episode of "17 kids and counting" where Jinger was learning to drive. It made me think back 21 yrs (eek!) ago when I was learning. My Mother took me out on the first day in my Dad's truck and we drove for hours. First the dirt roads, then the back roads, then the main roads and finally the highway.
I remember being super scared, but my mother was never the type to go in for Mother is a BAD ASS and always made us feel like we could do anything! She always encouraged us to learn to do anything and everything because you never know when it could get you out of a jam.
But driving was a big one...if you can drive, then you can leave...and never be anywhere you don't CHOOSE to be!
Learning to drive, learning to fly...same thing...thanks Momma :o)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I love convenience stores. Actually, I love the names of convenience stores, especially in the South. Names like Gas-N-Guzzle, Zip-E-Mart and Get-N-Go just make me laugh. There is a little store down the road from my new house (which I haven't bought yet) called The Lazy Bee! I love it! Does anyone remember a chain called Magik Market?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hazards of the job...

This is just one of the hazards
of the job...I am surrounded by GERMS! I can
usually protect myself with my kick ass immune
system and some good handwashing, but a
bad one slipped passed me Wednesday and
has had me on the ropes for the last two days.
It started with that "not so easy feeling" and
peaked with and all exits blow-out of epic
proportions! Needless to say it is a good thing I
work in the ER where I got much needed fluids
and meds...and I got to take my IV home for
additional fluids. I also got to leave work 30 min.
early in hopes of not sitting in traffic and being
forced to poop or barf in the car! I would have
left earlier, but due to staffing shortages, I was
forced to stay :o(
Luckily I was only sick for about 36 hours, but now
I feel like a limp noodle. I have no energy and
even less interest in finding any. However, If
I don't get up and around soon, I am going to
develop bed sores. Maybe I will ask Robert
to turn me every couple of hours :o)