Friday, June 11, 2010

Learning to fly...

I just got through watching an episode of "17 kids and counting" where Jinger was learning to drive. It made me think back 21 yrs (eek!) ago when I was learning. My Mother took me out on the first day in my Dad's truck and we drove for hours. First the dirt roads, then the back roads, then the main roads and finally the highway.
I remember being super scared, but my mother was never the type to go in for Mother is a BAD ASS and always made us feel like we could do anything! She always encouraged us to learn to do anything and everything because you never know when it could get you out of a jam.
But driving was a big one...if you can drive, then you can leave...and never be anywhere you don't CHOOSE to be!
Learning to drive, learning to fly...same thing...thanks Momma :o)

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  1. My poor mom was TERRIFIED when she was teaching us how to drive. I think she thought we were going to kill her. HA!

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