Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't I know you?

Hi everybody! It has been forever
since I have posted, but it has not
been for lack of material :O)
Of course we had the big move at
the beginning of September and
it took a while to get settled. I am
not a big fan of change, even if it is
something that I really want.
I have finally mastered the hills around here and have gotten
back up to my regular distances with my walking. I usually
go about 5 days a week, between 2-4 miles with lots of hills.
I look like a sweaty mess!
For the last few weeks I have been going over to the
university on Sundays and walking on campus. Just being
able to walk around (even through the hot mess after game
days) fills me with unbridled JOY! The pic above was from
the first game...people were kind of looking at me weird
because I was practically crying the whole time and taking
pictures of everything! I loved it!
I have not been using my time wisely and trying really hard
to find a job. I mean, I am busy all day long, but I have to
say that sleeping, walking my dog and working around
the house have been much more enjoyable than working
11p-7a 4 nights a week in the ER. I have also been cooking
every night to keep my husband distracted from the fact that
I do not have a job far, so good :O)
However, I have been doing work to keep up with my
continuing education credits and talking with a few people
I know at the hospital, so my days of leisurely living will probably
come to an end soon :O(
I have also been keeping up with reading all of the blogs
and trying to comment more. So while you all may not
have been seeing me, I have been seeing you and enjoying
visiting every day!

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