Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

If you have not seen this clip, then pull on your Depends and get
ready to laugh your a** off! I swear this is the funniest thing I have
seen in forever!! I LOVE Gladys!


  1. My fave aunt sent that to me a while back. Oh my gosh! Too funny. I love it, too! Hysterical. xoxo

  2. i posted this a couple a weeks ago, isn't it just hysterical?! gladys is seriously a riot!! i hope i'm like that when i'm nearly 90!

  3. My sister called me from California when I was living in Austin when this was on. She told me to hurry up and turn on the Ellen D. show. It was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh this morning. Hope you have a fantastic week.