Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is what my life has been like for
the past two days! I have never seen so much pollen
in my whole life. Of course all of the cars and porches
are covered, but it is swirling around like mini tornadoes.
It is so thick on the streets that there are tire imprints in
the pollen.
I normally don't have a lot of problems with pollen, but
going outside makes me feel like I am coated in it. I just
want to run in and take a shower!
Bridget is suffering as well. Of course it is blocking her
nose, but her ears have become collection wells for the
sticky stuff. I have had to clean ear wax and pollen out
of her ears every night this week.
However, let me say I am thankful for spring and would
not want to go back to the cold and matter how
much pollen we have! GO SPRING!

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