Saturday, December 26, 2009

My pants are tight, it must be Christmas...

Here on the bright side, we had a wonderful Christmas! We had our little tree all stuffed with presents, a cozy fire, and if you look really close, we have our beloved Bridget roasting herself on the little rug in front of the tv!
We had our gift exchange in the morning and then ate some delicious breakfast casserole. We were invited to lunch at our neighbors house, and this is where the trouble began.
The neighbors are a marital mix of Georgia and Philly....Southern and Italian...good food and better food. You would have thought I had not eaten in years. I started in on the pigs-in-a-blanket, went to crab dip, stromboli, olives and even a few cookies... and this was before dinner! Then I ate the dinner!
Needless to say I came home last night in a great deal of pain and now I feel like I need to get on the elliptical and not get off until I have lost 40lbs! So all in all, it was delightful!

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