Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wishing ain't gonna change it....

The bright side had a "snow day" yesterday and we had SO much snow that it didn't even cover the ground. You can look at yesterday's post for a visual.
I spent part of the day watching The Ironman Triathlon. Wow, there are so many inspiring stories of fella born without legs, a lady who had come back from a paralyzing stroke and a 76 yr. old man who finished his 20th race.
I really admire that kind of determination and wish I could run like the wind. Unfortunately, I run like a rock. I have tried many times to be a real runner. I have entered milers, 5ks & 8ks. Mind you I finished them all, but never running. I cannot find that joyful feeling that compels people to go out and run for fun....and I want that so desperately!
And making matters a little more painful for me is that my Beloved recently completed his first half marathon in September! The pic is from the start of that race! I am so proud of him!
So alas, here on the bright side, wishing won't change very or do not, there is no try!

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