Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spend or save???

It is bonus time at work! If we meet
our goals, we get a percentage of the profits! Times
are tough and it seems so busy and short staffed every
day if feels like I never meet a goal :o( However, I guess
we did something right because we will get a little extra
in our paychecks next week.
My thoughts immediately turned to handbags! I have
my eye on a Coach in this weird green color...or
maybe a down payment on another French Bulldog!
But alas, I will put it in the bank. I am really a saver at
heart...I dream big, but I don't like to spend my money.


  1. Spend, spend spend!! I just dropped about $150 (that I don't have) on line for things that I (probably) don't need. In fact, I'm on hold right now to order something else! I dunno what got into me today!

    I've not blogged or read a blog in weeks and weeks, so I'm using you as a stepping stone.

    In catching up with you, I see your steps to rectify your blister issues. I never get them from running (knock on wood) but get them from backpacking quite frequently. You know what works the best, better than NuSkin, MoleSkin, super expensive special treatments? Duct tape. Yup, run of the mill duct tape, placed on the hot spot as SOON as you feel something brewing, has prevented an untold number of blisters. Got blisters already? Duct tape, keeps 'em from getting worse.

    Give it a try, if those socks don't work out. Now I'm off to not blog some more! Cheers!

  2. Yup, right on the skin. A little tricky if you already have a blister, but the best thing is to put it on when it's hot, before it actually blisters. Leaves ugly tape sticky crap residue, but REALLY WORKS (at least in a backpacking setting). Now that I think of it, I did get meself some running blisters a couple of months ago (going right from hot spring soaking to running), then slapped some duct tape right over them and went running again (painlessly) the next day. I left the tape on for a day or three, and all was well when I took it off. I've never really heard too much of other people using this method (got it from my super-outdoorsy boyfriend) but for me it's the only way to go. We never go on a backpacking trip without the stuff.

  3. Spend half, save half! I know boring, right? Ha! Maybe get a little treat for yourself and then put the rest away for that rainy day people always talk about. I hate blisters. They always form in the worst part of your foot that is the most painful. I am intrigued by the duct tape idea in the above duct tape... hmmm