Sunday, January 24, 2010

It was news to me....

I always think it is shocking when you discover something about yourself that you think is new, but in reality, everybody else has know for years. For example, I had my eyebrows colored and waxed today. I have to get them colored because they are very light and add no feature to my face. Naturally I get them waxed for shape.
But today, the wax application went about 1/2 way up my forehead. Why? Are my eyebrows and hairline about to meet? No she said, your normal brows are part of a downey covering of hair on your face and I am just creating a shape. O-M-G! I think she just said I have a hairy face and she is going to carve out some eyebrows for me... I was so embarrassed! I was getting my haircut looking at that vast field of angry red skin above my eyes. But I have to give it to her. I have two separate eye brows that look like they belong there so I will be grateful for her skill.
I will also research laser hair removal for future reference :o)

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