Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sending our best....

I am late going to bed this morning because I am getting my husband packed for his trip to Haiti. He is in the Navy, and they are deploying a number of ships filled with food and medical supplies for our island neighbors.
We can immediately see the physical destruction of the buildings and infrastructure, but I am always horrified by the amount of human loss. Where is the bright side to this one?
One big ray of sunshine will be heading their way tomorrow. It will bring supplies and service and the touch of human kindness...Thank you US Navy for giving them our best ❤
The pic is a quilt from the Houston International Quilt Show 2009. It is in honor of the Day of the Dead, a holiday to remember and give respect to those who have died. This is a practice that is common in island culture and I love that they are quilting!

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