Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Has it been 20 years?

Twenty years ago today, a very cute boy from my German class called me on the phone and asked the magic question that has set us on an odessey of love and devotion. What were those life changing words you ask..."do you want to go out to dinner or what?" That is the line that lured me in!
We went to eat at Guthrie's and then to see "Glory" at the free movies at Langdon Hall. We have been together since. That's love people...

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  1. That IS love! How cute. What a pick up line too, huh? When I first met my now husband, I didn't even like the guy! Now, I'm head over heels. Amazing how that happens. Hope you and your partner in crime have a nice time celebrating. I bet you have many a great memory to talk about over the past 20 years!