Sunday, May 2, 2010

More pain than I can bear....

Dear friends,
Something has happened to me that is so painful
I can hardly discuss it. I am suffering with the
dreaded nose pimple. It started on Friday with
mild sensitivity and now has turned into a full
blown tumor-like growth.
The pain is incredible. A little breeze blows past
it and my eyes start watering. I had to blow my
nose earlier and I thought I was going to die.
I am also ashamed because I know that these types
of nasal infections stem from ingrown hairs OR
picking your nose with dirty fingernails. It was
probably the fingernails although I do employ good
handwashing technique, I may occasionally pick
when people aren't looking.
If it still looks like this tomorrow, have to call in sick.
I can't go in there looking like Rudolph! I am
slathering my nasal membranes
with medication (on a Q-tip) and hoping for the best.

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