Monday, May 31, 2010

What about me?

This is me. I took this pic of myself in the bathroom on Valentine's Day. I just got lucky that my bathroom is red, but no matter what time of year, the color always makes you look like you have a little color.
In a nod to many of the blogs I read, I thought I would list a few quirks/facts about me that one might(?) find interesting. Here we go:
--I don't have a sense of smell (childhood head injury, whole different story).
--I don't have any children, by choice.
--I don't eat shiny food, anything that reflects light will not be eaten by me i.e. jello.
--I am a nurse and it makes me nervous to go to the doctor. I get all sweaty and jittery, especially if I know they are going to touch me.
--I love to be in my bed, you may find me there at any given time of day or night.
--I have worked nights for 8 years, and that has led to a seriously disturbed sleep pattern which results in the previous situation.
--I have never had a Mountain Dew or a Dr. Pepper in my life.
--I have super sensitive hearing. I usually watch TV with the volume so low most people can't hear it, yet I manage to work in one of the loudest places in the ER! I crave silence!
--I have a genuine fear of unknowingly committing a crime and going to prison.
--I could easily give up sweets, but would never be able to live without bread.
--I desperately want to be a "pretty runner", one with a smooth, effortless gait. Instead I look like a charging rhino.
So there you have it...super exciting huh? HA!

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  1. I think anyone who works nights has a special relationship with their bed, though I dunno if that's WHY we work nights, or the other way around.

    Dr Pepper is disgusting. You ain't missing much.