Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's a good thing I was already running...

I saw 3 snakes on my run
this morning!!! The first was a long, skinny
green snake that was already slithering
across the path as I was going by. I was
a little creeped out, but it was moving on
it's way so I was okay. Then about 50 feet
around the bend was a big, fat brown snake
just laying there looking poisonous and
deadly. That one scared me and I gave it
a lot of room as I went around...I also gave
warnings to others passing by to BEWARE!
Then on my way home, I have a short cut
through the woods that leads to my house.
I was replaying the sightings in my mind
when I saw snake #3. It was thin and
light brown, laying all the way across the
width of the path. I can't go around it and
there is NO WAY I am going over it. So
I started kicking leaves and sticks at it until
it turned and slithered back into the bushes.
So there you have it...I have now turned
from a trail runner to a road runner in the
span of about 20 minutes. You won't catch
me over at Snake Lake ever! By the time
winter sets in, I will be in my new town with
lots of others routes to find :O) So farewell
old trail, it was nice knowing you!
(photo from folksy,com)

1 comment:

  1. That would just make me want to die. I am one of those stereotypical snake haters. Just seeing one would have sent me over the edge. You are a brave woman!