Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting lucky?

Magic 8 BallIs today the day I have been waiting for? Is today the day that the hubs returns home from saving Haiti? He has spent almost a WEEK trying to make his way back home! He has been on a ship, a boat, a helicopter, in an Irish bar in Cuba (okay that didn't get him any closer to home but it did get him a beer which he desperately needed) and now he is searching for a plane...commercial, parcel or military transport! Why is this so hard? They got him down there fast enough? Can't somebody help a brother out?
Anyway, your guess is as good as mine. He might be home today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. Dear Magic 8 Ball, will my beloved make it home today??? Lets pray for a "definitely, YES!"

1 comment:

  1. I hope hubby makes it safely home very soon. Oh and congrats for being able to tell me the three reasons you blog. I like being able to have a place to just say something too!!