Saturday, February 27, 2010

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This is the Marie Osmond I remember from my childhood. She had big eyes and big white teeth...always smiling, always happy. She has had a lot of emotional ups and downs in her life, but overall her image has remained the same...cheesy.
But about 10 years ago I saw her in an interview and she was talking about her 8 children, 5 of which are adopted. The VERY rude reporter asked her, "so tell me which ones of your children are adopted?" The cheesy smile was gone and a serious look came over her that was a little startling. Her response has forever changed my opinion of her. She said, " I don't remember."
One of her children committed suicide yesterday and that interview immediately came to mind. I am so sad for her. What a tragic loss for a Mother.

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  1. that was such a sad news event. i wish that children of celebrities were better protected at times from the harassing media. my heart definitely goes out to her.