Saturday, February 6, 2010


It has been a lazy day! I have done nothing but lay on the couch with this little sweetie and read blogs all day! My eyes are seriously burning and I think I may be getting a pressure ulcer on my left hip, but who cares! I did take a shower :o)
It has been quite a challenge not to eat everything in the house or shop online with reckless abandon, but I have refrained from both...I read all 276 entries on my Google reader. Now that I am caught up with everybody I might get motivated to do something tomorrow...or not!
I sent this pic to my husband in Haiti with the caption, " I miss you Daddy!" I know it was a low blow, but it is ridiculous how much he loves her :o)

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  1. What a beautiful baby! Ha! I would love a dog so much! Sounds like you had the perfect day to me = )