Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sacrifice and Sonic

I used to go to Sonic every day...and by that I mean EVERY DAY! I would get off work and on my way home I would wheel through the drive-thru and get a toaster BLT, fries and a Route 44 sweet tea. So good! Until I went to the Dr. for a regular check up and found out that my cholesterol was high and I had gained 10 lbs in 6 months! What???
It couldn't be that I was throwing down >1000 calories for breakfast alone could it?
This was over a year ago, so I decided to give up Sonic for Lent. I figured I could do it for a limited time and that I would go back the day after Easter...but I didn't, and I have not been back in a year. I weigh 15lbs less and my cholesterol went down 30 points without doing anything different than quitting the most beloved and delicious habit of my life.
I am not giving up anything for Lent this year...I'm not even Catholic! What is something in your life that you loved but had to let go?


  1. Go you for giving up something for Lent and not even being Catholic. I'm happy to hear that you are healthier now! Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog!!

  2. how funny that I found your blog while I was searching 'how many calories in a Sonic Route 44 sweet tea.'

    i got so tickled, i had to leave a comment.

    the first week of January i made the decision to change my life. that meant bye-bye sonic. Not an easy thing, since i went for sweet tea almost everysingleday. I'd get the sweet tea, the boy a Sonic Blast. To tell you the truth,I never even thought about how many calories were in sweet tea.

    Now I know that a Large is 290, which means the route 44 was probably 500. I never even thought about it.

    Today was the first day I've been to a Sonic in about six weeks and I got a chicken wrap and plain tea = 380 calories. I felt so...HOLLA.

    Good for you (and me) for making positive changes!