Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am a REAL Mother!

My baby is sick. She threw up in the bed and then spent the next 4 hours power drinking water and hurling under the kitchen table! I couldn't go to work because I could not leave her here vomiting, but I felt REALLY guilty. I think people will judge me because she is "just a dog."
After much suffering, the culprit was identified as a partially digested corn cob from the bird feeder. She must have found it in the yard and eaten it. She is feeling so much better...and so am I. I have spent the last few hours sitting on the couch, catching up on the blogs, and rubbing my baby's tummy. I don't feel guilty any more. She is my REAL baby, and I am her REAL Mother...and my baby comes first!
p.s. I know her nose looks really dry, but I have tried many ointments and remedies but she uses her super-long bionic tongue and licks them off. The vet said it won't hurt her even though it looks gross :o(

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